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February 2018

What Forest Fires Have in Common with Market Corrections

So, what do forest fires and market corrections have in common? Hello. My name’s Paul Carroll. I’m the CEO and founder of Efficient Wealth Management, a boutique wealth management firm. California and the western United States have been ravaged by forest fires. Significant research suggests that fire suppression actually builds up the undergrowth and results in even greater fires. Really, the best course of action is regular, controlled burns. Financial markets are very similar, in that correction suppression by the Fed or policy makers creates ever-increasing valuations. Ever greater pressure. And, eventually, ever greater corrections. In the 2000s, Fed policy and regulatory failure led to extremely high valuations and an extremely painful market correction that resulted in subsequent quantitative easing, which was absolutely necessary to avoid a second Great Depression in 100 years. Today, equity markets are rich and bond yields are low. Economic growth and a $1.5 trillion tax...
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Our New $100,000 Giving Commitment

To kick off our commitment, we're excited to announce our first sponsorship: We have partnered with George & Kristi Lindahl to promote Angel Reach at the upcoming Inspire Film Festival. Angel Reach is wonderful organization that supports young individuals coming out of foster care, as well as the homeless youth in the community. Their goal is to break the generational cycle of abuse, neglect, and homelessness so that the lives of current and former foster youth can be enhanced. For more information about Angel Reach, please visit their website. Information about Angel Reach will be showcased before one of the films at The Inspire Film Festival. Inspire is a five-day cinematic event dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films and stories that celebrate the human spirit, and will be going on from February 15th through February 19th. If you are interested in attending, tickets to the festival are still available for purchase...
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