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January 2019

2019 Portfolio Modifications

2019 offers us a new year and a new investment landscape. Let me briefly describe some of the portfolio modifications that we're going to implement here at Efficient Wealth Management. Hi. My name's Paul Carroll. I'm the CEO and Founder of Efficient Wealth Management. In 2018, we saw a series of negative market events starting with emerging markets at the end of the first quarter. Developed markets followed them down. Domestic markets, not including the "FAANGs" were flat for most of last year. The FAANGs pulled the index up, and then at the last quarter of the year it pulled it all the way back down again. Finally, I mean we were putting out videos and memos about this all year last year. Global REITs actually managed the year quite well. Domestic REITs got hit a little bit hard. International REITs survived. They're a little bit of a hedge against...
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