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October 2019

Global Stock Rout – Why? And What to do?

So right now, this week we're seeing a bit of a global stock rout. In fact this week the S&P 500's down 2% and with Brexit approaching that British FTSE 100 is down 3%. So what's going on? And what can we do about it? Brexit's approaching October 31st and that doesn't look like there's any kind of a plan for that event. In the United States, we're seeing a slowing job growth, we're seeing manufacturing weakness, and we're seeing the service sector slowing also. West Texas Intermediate, is now $52 a barrel. The 10-year T-bill yield is below 1.6%. Who would have thought you'd see a 10-year bond yielding less than 1.6%? It does look like bonds have priced in the risks that exist in the world today a little bit ahead of equities, and there is a lot of global geopolitical uncertainty. In the first nine months of...
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