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November 2019

Holiday Spending Tips for 2019

It's that time again: it's almost Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means Christmas shopping. Our experience has been once the Christmas shopping has started, any chance of getting the spending under control is over. I want to briefly go over seven tips to help you prepare financially for the holidays. First, try to take a look at what you spent last year. Were you happy with what you spent? If you were, then do what you did last year, that's simple. If not, number two, start making a budget and gift list now. Shopping is an arms race. Once you've bought something for Uncle Fred, you have to spend at least as much for Aunt Mildred or whoever the relatives are, so we need to get this under control right now. Figure out gifts, decorations, foods, activities, donations. Three, set aside the money. Set the expectations early, work from the end game...
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