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February 2022

Mother Russia An Outsized Threat?

  So Mother Russia has a big problem. How’s that going to affect you in the portfolio? Hello, my name’s Paul Carroll, the CEO and Founder of Avion Wealth, an elite wealth management firm here in Texas. President Putin has recognized two Eastern provinces as break away states, something I might add that the Ukraine doesn’t agree with. He’s painted himself into a corner domestically, and anybody who saw yesterday’s monologue is right to be very deeply disturbed. For the first time since he took over as the President of the nation, he appeared to be somewhat unhinged. Now, Europe has further compounded the problem with their aggressive turn from nuclear power over the last few years, especially after Japanese disaster. This happened before green alternatives existed. Not only have they ramped up the use of coal, but they’re extremely dependent on Russian natural gas. And despite that natural gas,…

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Tax Season Tips

Tax time is just around the corner. Here's a couple of pointers that may help mitigate the cost and difficulty of preparing your taxes this year. We've got a lot of different clients with a lot of different desires when it comes to how best to file their taxes. Some clients, every single document, as soon as they get it, they send it to their CPA. Something to keep in mind is when the CPA opens up that envelope, it's going to hack the clock and probably most CPAs have a minimum of 15 minutes, so you can start seeing where we're going here. Bundle the documents. You may send one bundle late January, another bundle late February, and another bundle late March. But bundle the documents because the less envelopes that CPA opens, the less it's going cost you. The second challenge we have is that the IRS requires...
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