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July 2022

9.1% Inflation! What, If Anything, Can You Do About It?

  The latest Consumer Price Inflation Index suggests 9.1% inflation. How bad is that and what, if anything, can we do about it? The Consumer Price Index is 9.1%, that's record-setting. We haven't seen anything like that in 40 years. It was a 40-year peak in May for inflation, but it's actually two numbers. You've got the CPI and you've got the core, and the core number actually dropped from 6% to 5.9%. This is very important because we've stripped out energy and food. Now you're saying, "Yeah, but I'm putting a lot of gas in my car. I'm spending a lot of money." You've probably noticed gas prices have slightly eased off. The reason they strip these out is because when it comes to food and it comes to gas, those are very reactive to changes in prices. High prices crush demand, so they're not as accurate. Much more…
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