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October 2022

Unfamiliar Territory For Bondholders

  Bonds. Let's talk bonds. Interest rates are climbing, and that translates to bondholder losses. You've seen them on your statement, but we are getting increased yields. So, what's the bottom line? Inflation has caused interest rates to climb. The fed's fighting it relentlessly, and when interest rates climb, bond yields are expected to go up with them. And when bond yields are expected to go up, fixed income bonds lose value. This is textbook material. Interest rates go up, bonds lose value. So, with interest rates, there's been an interesting phenomenon. Long term bond rates are not going up as much as we would expect, same with intermediate, given the severity of the hikes. What this means is that the losses actually could be worse, and they're not. It also means that the market feels these rates are coming back down, and that inflation is going to be under…
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