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2% Mortgages!

  I never thought I’d see it, but 2% for mortgages? Hi, my name is Paul Carroll. I’m the CEO and founder of Avion Wealth, a boutique wealth management firm here in South Texas. So I’ve got a resource and I’m not a paid mortgage broker, I have no financial interest in this, who told me yesterday that they’re offering 2% mortgages for conforming loans in excess of $250,000 and 2.59% for jumbos. A little bit more information, this is a 15-year fixed rate. But what I discovered when I actually refinanced my condo recently, is these drops are so significant that if you’re over 3% now, you may find that your monthly payment does not increase very significantly, while shaving up to 15 years off the maturity of your mortgage. So it’s quite a deal. If you’d like more information, you’re one of my clients, go ahead and call…

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Tax Deadline – What to Know for Next Year and Biden’s Taxes

We're coming up on June 15th - tax deadline after all the extensions for Texas; was May 15th if you're not in the state of Texas. What do we we expect next year? There's a lot of talk about Biden 2020, 2021. Where are we going to talk about? Obviously if you're not ready for your taxes, June the 15th, you already are aware, I'm sure, that you can extend all the way to October 15th. So what's coming up for 2021, 2022? First and foremost tax changes will be next year, not this year. So this is the year for making planning changes. Some of the plans that are in the Biden proposal: one is increase the top marginal tax rate to 39.6% from 37% for those married, filing jointly, over $509,000. Clearly for most Americans, this isn't going to make any difference whatsoever. And it's really just a...
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How Does Inflation Affect Your Long Term Plan?

Inflation in April was 4.2%. It's as high as it's been in a long time. How does inflation impact your plan? So everybody’s concerned about stock rally, stock corrections, how's that going to affect my future? Nobody really thinks too hard about inflation. I mean, there's been a lot of concern lately, but how does inflation impact your plan? First, when we look at inflation, when we look at 4.2 as a headline figure, we do need to remember what was going on a year ago - last April. Last April was an extraordinary environment; borderline deflationary. In fact, the concern of the time was will this turn into a deflationary spiral? So we've got to look at the base rate before we go any further. And the base rate is based off in this case, what was going on a year ago, in April, 2020 - right after COVID...
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Women and Wealth: Taking Charge of Your Finances

When it comes to financial planning, women are likely to face different challenges than men. For one, they earn less than men on average, and they’re more likely to work part-time jobs or take time away from their careers to raise children and care for family. Time off and lower lifetime income means women face unique financial planning challenges. Here’s a look at some common financial issues women face and strategies to address them. Less income means less money to devote to savings On average, women earn just over $0.80 on the dollar compared to men, leaving them with less money available to pursue financial goals, like saving for retirement. If you work in a job that offers a retirement plan, such as a 401(k), be sure to save as much as you can. The tax advantages of these accounts can help boost your savings potential. If your employer offers...
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