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Paul Carroll

Coronavirus Strikes Italy – Markets Have the Flu

Play Video So now that the Coronoavirus has found its way to Italy, South Korea - unsurprisingly, the U S markets - the global markets have come down with a case of the flu. I'm not going to spend too much time on the topic other than to say, as I've said before, that the history of these pandemics is that the market reacts in the short-term. Then rebalances itself for long-term expectations, which means a recovery. And of all the viruses and pandemics out there, the one that has the greatest potential for short-term disruption, compared with almost no potential for long-term disruption, is the Coronavirus. The victims of the Coronavirus are disproportionately people who are not of working age. One: that is not to downplay the tragedy, the severity and the potential for fear. It is a real potential for short-term disaster, for want of a better word,...
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