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Elon Musk’s Bold Move and Its Ripple Effects

When I was reading the paper last night, I saw an interesting article about how Elon Musk is trying to de-annex Tesla's factory from the city of Austin. This is something that's been permissible since about September last year when a very controversial state bill was passed. How's that going to affect Tesla? How's it going to affect Austin? And how's it going to affect Texas in the future?
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Economic Outlook for 2024

  Well, it looks like the economy is finally normalizing. So, the question now becomes "what's next for 2024?" I just got back from a fascinating luncheon at ACG Houston. ACG is the Association for Corporate Growth. We had an economist from First Horizon Bank in New York City speak to the group, and it was a very interesting presentation, one that I somewhat agreed with. Basically, they pointed out what we've talked about - inflation is pretty much under control. It's at 3% and falling. The job market has loosened up. We've gone from "you just can't find people" to "you can find them but they're a little bit expensive". So, that's at least manageable for most employers. A Goldilocks Economic Recovery The interest rate hikes are clearly over and there are some wild bets going on in the market over when and how low these long rates are…
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