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I Need Your Help With My Next Book…

I need your help with my next book, “Tips and Traps Selling Your Business.” I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now; there’s been an enormous demand for the book. It’s actually surprised me a great deal. What I’m looking for is to interview entrepreneurs who have sold their business at some point in the past, and also professionals who’ve been involved in the process. Every time I run one of these interviews, I learn something new that belongs in the book. And why is this book so important? We’ve run into people again and again and again who’ve made expensive mistakes in the selling of their business. We like to think of ourselves as “big mistake insurance”, and in this case, this book will fill that role nicely. So a time that works for you – your location, lunch, breakfast, dinner – you just name the time and the place. It would be a great service to me and everyone who reads the book.

Thank you so much,

Paul J. Carroll, CFP®