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Wealth Management

Our consultative wealth management process:

Discovery Meeting

The purpose of the Discovery Meeting is to determine where you are, where you need to be, and whether we can add value to your situation.

Investment Plan Meeting

At the Investment Plan Meeting we discuss our investment philosophy and recommended investment proposal for your situation. Wealth Management is the vehicle that will take you to your financial destination. The engine that drives that vehicle is your investment policy. It is important that we are philosophically aligned before proceeding with the full wealth management process.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

If we agree to continue, at the Mutual Commitment Meeting we will execute the appropriate documents. After that, two things happen. First, the custodian we agree upon will open the appropriate accounts. Second, we initiate the advanced planning cycle.

Initial Planning Meeting

One of the most valuable meetings is the Initial Planning Meeting. This is our opportunity to address advanced planning issues and questions that have arisen during the planning cycle. Equally important, it’s your opportunity to bring to the table any questions or concerns that naturally arise in this type of process. And finally, we aim to ensure you are familiar with the electronic resources that we and your custodian offer and to help organize any paperwork or other materials.

Wealth Confidence Plan™ Presentation

After brainstorming and reviewing your Wealth Confidence Plan™ with outside professionals including a CPA, attorney, and an insurance specialist, we are ready to present the advanced planning recommendations. We will also work with you to prioritize the various advanced planning items so that we can work through them in bite-sized chunks.

Quarterly Client Review Meetings

Initially, at least, we schedule quarterly client review meetings to ensure that ongoing progress is being made towards addressing your concerns and advanced planning recommendations. The ongoing frequency of these meetings are set to best meet your schedule and needs.

Annual Client Review Meeting

Once a year, a client review meeting will be dedicated towards an annual review of your goals and progress towards those goals. This important review is to ensure that we’re staying on plan, on course to achieve everything that is important to you.

Custom Topic Meetings

Periodically, topical meetings are scheduled, on demand, to address specific issues that require deliberate intervention either with us or an outside professional. Examples include to facilitate the retirement process, address estate planning with an attorney, or manage a charitable giving decision.

Investment Consulting

Help make smart decisions about protecting your wealth.

We build custom asset allocation models built around your specific needs and holdings, incorporating the latest methodologies including dynamic asset allocation, household level rebalancing, tax managed asset location, among others.

As fiduciary financial advisors we build a personalized professional investment policy that goes beyond mere risk tolerance identification of your optimal asset allocation to include disbursement policy guardrails and decisions if you are depending on your portfolio for current and/or retirement income.

Advanced Planning for Your Wealth Management

At Avion Wealth we have adopted a consultative approach, working with a team of professionals, to not only protect your wealth but also engage in the following advanced planning activities:

Wealth Enhancement

Using strategies to maximize returns and the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow.

  • Tax Efficient Portfolio Investment Management
  • Advanced Cash Management TM
  • Evaluate Roth Conversion Opportunities
  • Optimize Current Year IRA & Retirement Plan strategy
  • Evaluate Benefits Plans
  • Evaluate Executive Compensation Program
  • Consider Business Entities to minimize taxes
  • Assess VEBA or Qualified Healthcare account
  • Evaluate 1031 and 1035 Exchanges
  • Collaborate with CPA
  • Develop tax-efficient Disbursement Policy

Wealth Transfer

Using strategies to legally structure the future disposition of current and protected assets effectively.

  • Estate Planning Document Review and Evaluation
  • Assess Advance Medical Directives and Power of Attorney
  • Confirm proper funding of trusts and entities
  • Ensure correct designation of beneficiaries
  • Provide for business succession
  • Provide for estate tax liquidity needs
  • Collaborate with estate attorney
  • Manage estate tax exposure

Wealth Protection

Using strategies to employ legally acceptable concepts and ensure that your wealth is not unjustly taken.

  • Quantify exposure to risks
  • Protect assets from being unjustly taken
  • Evaluate property-casualty insurance options
  • Evaluate health insurance options
  • Evaluate need for life insurance
  • Assess long-term care insurance
  • Assess asset protection entities
  • Consider alternative forms of ownership for business
  • Assess identity theft exposure
  • Cyber Security for your finances
  • Examine forms of business ownership
  • Retirement medical and Medicare strategy
  • Collaborate with insurance specialist
  • Analytical Disbursement Policy

Retirement Planning

Using strategies to evaluate and maximize the probability of retirement success.

  • Assess retirement plan and determine retirement savings goals
  • Assess defined benefit plan utilization
  • Optimize social security strategy
  • Develop retiree medical & Medicare strategy
  • Optimize Disbursement Policy

Charitable Planning

Using strategies to maximize the effectiveness of charitable intent.

  • Maximizing the impact of your charitable giving
  • Donor advised funds
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions
  • Donating appreciated stock
  • Charitable trusts

Professional Relationship Management

At Avion Wealth, we have adopted a team-based approach working with outside professionals including a CPA, attorney, insurance specialist and any others who could enhance the planning process.  Within the firm, each household is served by a dedicated team to ensure that all the details are managed by the right team with the right advice.