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August 2023

Cost of Renovation Projects has Increased!

  Like many people, I have been involved in a number of renovation projects in the last three or four years. And I have paid tuition like never before. So the purpose of this video is to maybe help you pay a little less tuition than I did. I read a fascinating article in the Financial Times that really talked about how renovation projects are becoming a disaster for people. It would've been nice to read this article three or four years ago. But what we're seeing both with our clients, ad hoc conversation with others, and even personal experiences within our office is the world has changed. It used to be if you couldn't afford it the way it is, buy what you can afford, fix it up. That could be a house, a plane, a classic car, a boat. But the rules of the game are changing. Labor…
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Million-Dollar Business Building To Maximize Value In Your Business

If you’re a business owner who is contemplating selling your business, you can learn valuable tips and avoidable traps in this interview with our founder and CEO Paul Carroll who was a guest on the Failing to Success podcast. In this discussion, you’ll hear how Paul’s prior experience, both in aviation and the financial sector, sparked his desire to build his own wealth management firm dedicated to helping successful growth-minded business leaders. Paul shares insights about how to maximize the value of your business that he’s learned hands-on from more than two decades of leading Avion Wealth and through serving as a wealth manager advising business owners on their exit strategies. He reveals specific tips on how to treat personal expenses, what it means to have "clean books," and why it may make sense to pay more taxes now for a bigger payout later. Paul walks through real life examples…
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