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March 2024

Your Guide To The Letter of Intent (LOI) – An Essential Document for Selling Your Business

Two men talking about writing a letter of intent
What’s a Letter of Intent (LOI) To Sell  Selling your business starts to feel real with the introduction of a critical–yet misunderstood– document: the Letter of Intent (LOI) to Sell. This document, while not usually a final agreement, sets the tone for what is to come, acting as the "rules of engagement" in the negotiation process. Just as a marriage proposal signifies a commitment to a shared future, an LOI marks the start of a delicate dance between buyer and seller, where strategy, foresight, and negotiation play key roles. As the seller, you will want to ensure you’ve completed your Deal Book prior to signing an LOI, anchoring the valuation benchmark as high as possible. This initial reference point in the LOI will be the number against which the buyer negotiates and tries to chisel away at the value.   Beyond outlining the intentions of both the buyer and the seller,…
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How To Sell Your Business To A Competitor

How to Sell Your Business to a Competitor
Navigating the sale of a business to a competitor presents a complex but strategic choice for entrepreneurs. It involves not only negotiating a fair price but also aligning strategic objectives and safeguarding the business’s legacy. This article offers a roadmap for business owners considering this path, covering key steps from preparation to deal closure, to ensure a successful transition to new ownership. Understanding The Reasons For a Business Sale In business, deciding to sell, especially to a competitor, is driven by diverse strategic and personal reasons. Business owners must carefully balance the advantages with possible effects on their legacy, staff, and future projects. It's essential for any entrepreneur considering such a pivotal move to fully understand these motivations. Strategic Alignment and Market Consolidation When selling a business to a competitor, leveraging complementary strengths can create a stronger market presence by merging unique competencies, enhancing product offerings, and improving efficiencies. This…
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Building Your Expert Team to Sell Your Business

Image of CFP giving financial advice
When planning to sell your business, the difference between a good deal and a great one often comes down to the team you have in your corner. Selling a business isn't just a transaction; it's a major life event that requires strategic planning and execution to maximize value. Let’s take a look at the expert team you need to help you. The Expert Team for Maximizing Business Value 1. Wealth Manager: Your wealth manager is the linchpin in aligning the sale with your long-term financial goals. The sooner you can bring in a wealth manager who has expertise in the process of selling a business, the better they can get to know you to serve your needs.  While their role might be more strategic and advisory, they ensure that the proceeds from the sale fortify your overall financial health and wealth strategy.  They also serve as the “quarterback” of your…
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